Refund Policy

Registration, Administration and Training fees are Non Refundable. (NR)

Before Practice Starts or May1st of current year, 100% of Refundable Amount. (RA)

Equipment and/or Uniforms Ordered or June 30th of the current year, Fifty percent (50%) of Refundable Amount. (EO)

Equipment and/or Uniforms Issued or July 15th of the current year, Twenty five percent (25%) of Refundable Amount after return of issued Equipment/Uniforms. (EI)

After Roster Certification by AYF or August 1st of the current year, Ten percent (10%) of Refundable Amount, after return of Equipment and/or Uniform. (RC)

After Playing Season starts, NO REFUND, return Equipment and/or Uniform. (SS)

Refund Formula
Refund Amount = (Amount Paid Non Refundable Amount) x Refundable Amount percent