2022 Tackle Registration Is CLOSED
For The 2022 Season
Sunday, 07/17/2022 to: Wednesday, 02/15/2023
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Cost: $285.00
Contact: xxx
2023 PME 7V7 - Registration Is OPEN
ONLINE Only Current 6th thru 11th Graders
Sunday, 01/01/2023 12:00AM to: Wednesday, 02/15/2023 11:00PM
Registration Fee.....$35.00
Player Fee...$185.00 + Helmet..$40.00
Woodbridge VA 22193
Cost: $225.00
Contact: xxx
2023 Girls Basketball Registration OPEN
ONLINE ONLY. All Skill Levels for Grades 5 to 11
Tuesday, 01/10/2023 6:00AM to: Wednesday, 02/15/2023 8:00PM
Registration Fee: $35.00 Player Fee: $275.00
Team Fee: $270.00
Cost: $580.00
Contact: xxx

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